Hii my readers, I hope you all are doing great!

After an indstrious week, finally Saturday has come…… the day to relax…..getting up late, brunch insead of lunch and all that lazy stuff☺☺☺…

After my morning tea when I stepped out into my garden I could feel cool breeze instead of warm and suffocating air…which is a peculiar feature at this time of year in India specially this humid, warm, suffocating feeling is there when the moonson is on the verges..I was having a strange feeling 🤔I thought night was quite warm how come the morning was so cold, then I figured out it was my gardener who had waterd and sprinked each and every plant thoroughly..and guess what to my surprise he had even harvested some okra pods…I was like 🙆‍♀️🙆‍♀️yesterday evening I saw my okra plants but seriously was unable to find out any pods but today morning soo many🤩he is a magician.I’ll show you people some pics that I had taken…

Okra flowers : yellow with crimson centres.
My Battalion of Okras
Okra Leaves : heart – shaped and three to five lobed.
Okra pods : hairy at the base and around 4- 5 inches in length with seeds.
” The Thankful receiver bears a plentiful harvest.” ~ W.Blake

aren’t they amazing!!woww…first harvest of my garden 😍🙆‍♀️it gives you such a different feeling, a nomadic feel…collecting your own stuff and then cooking it😄😄all different from that urban life.
Many people call it okra or lady finger but in India it is commanly called bhindi…it has anti oxidant qualities, high nutritional value and low in calories, it is basically a summer vegetable… some simple and popular dishes of okra in North India are bhindi masala or stuffed bhindi.

Bhindi masala : A delectable delicacy prepared with whole and ground spices, onions and tomatoes. This semi – dry treat is a burst of flavours.
Bharwa bhindi or Stuffed Okra : A dish where the okra is stuffed with spicy and tangy masala filing, a lip smacking appetizer.

Believe me they really taste so good and I love them🤩 and today I’m going to cook them for dinner 😊😊🍜

See you guys untill next🙋‍♀️stay healthy, hearty and happy .

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  1. Indeed…It was theuraupetic!
    I’ll recommend every body to spend sometime with them, they are the best buddies!!
    Thank you for visiting my blog Divya! I am looking forward to hearing more from you😊⚘


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