Hey lovely friends

It’s been so long since I have penned down. But today felt like the right moment to come back to you all, my readers and my friends. In this span of time I realized how easily the connections get snapped and how difficult it is to connect back.
It’s been such busy months of my life, Work, work and work literally defined my days, other days got used up in deliberating over the ventures of mine. I couldn’t realise how half the year has literally passed. And now as I became a little free, I came back to my pursuits, the most important one has been tending my saplings.
The gardener had planted a variety of seedlings somewhere in March. This time I had thought of cultivating a beautiful kitchen garden, firstly because I had never seen veggies being grown and secondly the most important part, no need to sit for hours dissecting the vegetables and being concerned about the various dangerous chemicals which are used in growing these veggies.
So this time this organic thought of veggies was as exciting for me as it was for my gardener. But alas! I expected to give those seedling some care, and spend a lot of time with them, but I couldn’t, I just saw them once or twice in a week, that too just while entering and exiting the house. But I am more than overjoyed to share with you all how my plan of growing organic veegies turned into such a mesmerising reality. Keep reading folks because you’ll be getting a regular update of all my organic veggies.
I would greatly recommend this past time to all the people out there struggling to be find a new hobby and be productive. It’s therapeutic to see the outcomes in the form of these lovely bunches of mine.

“This season puts a little spring in my step!” A shot from my garden.

Giving a sneek peek into my sunflowers which were planted around the same time. Had been struggling to capture them, but today moring, they were so full of life, beauty and optimism. How could I not be grateful?!!

Do checkout the blogs ahead for a continuous update of my organic veggies.

Till then see ya folks!
Stay happy, hearty and healthy.
Take care and keep reading!⚘

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  1. You are right, gardening is a great hobby. Not only helps in making the environment better but also in fostering creativity.
    Yes, connections snap when we do not give the relation the time it needs.
    Stay blessed always

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    1. I’m glad Jas you liked my post😊I love plants,when you are with them,you are in a different world…yeah sometimes you really get bounded by circumstances☺☺☺….thanks for visiting😊⚘


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