Yes,HOLD ON!…stay calm…let the strom pass through… how ever difficult the times are don’t ever loose hope. Mould your self according to the times, save yourselves. Remember one thing….you are here for somebody else.Your presence on this earth is not for yourselves but for someone else ….we don’t know for whom and why, but at the right time we’ll come to know and then when we’ll connect the sequences, the answer will be revealed …. if we won’t keep ourselves positive and courageous, how can we help others who are looking at us…..for whom we are the saviour.These are the testing times my friends … courageous, every thing will be fine one day,……..present times will just be a chapter of life………😐 Everything is predestined, our happiness, our sorrows, our pains, our victories,our failures everything… I know it’s easy to preach but quite difficult to go through it…….My dear friends we all are sailing in the same boat, but at least we can give courage , a ray of hope, a word of optimism to each other. If we’ll think positive, definitely positive will happen. Stay safe and protected my friends .

Take care, you all are precious πŸ™βš˜


(P.C: neetika #ShadesOfNature )


A truth so rare,

a vision so bare,

but that’s her flair,

dancing in the scare,

still breathing wild air.

On the edges of life,

knowing her fate she smiles,

And still the tiny dainty dew drop shines.


This flower in my garden inspired me to write a poem,just tried a bit, happy to see my creation. Truly the little dew drop inspires us. She dances on the edges of life, knowing that she’ll perish soon, a truth so frightening but still she hopes, enjoys every bit of her existense, inspiring us humans to hope, to enjoy, to fight and to exist. Inspiring us to be warriors whatever the situation is.

I hope you enjoy this piece of writing in these distressful times. Praying and hoping for a better future for the mankind.

Stay safe and take care my friends. Lot’s of positivity to all of you.⚘


Unfold the secret destinations of this journey called life. Life is really unpredictable, when we think we have settled scores,we are given another challange and we are back to square one.
On the other hand when we are puzzled up with the complexity of life and are about to accept defeat, suddenly the scenario changes and it seems that there was no such problem….
This is life….unpredictable and capricious, changing second by second, unveiling itself step by step and we the travellers are unaware what is in store for us.
But one thing is sure we won’t be at loss…if one door closes another door is opened for us…believe in life, believe in your challenger.

Take care my dear friends until we meet next!😊⚘


Second by second the year 2019 is passing by…bidding goodbye,memories are getting stored for a journey longer than life…….😌
Thanks to everyone who made my life so meaningful ,so wonderful and amazing,thanks for being a part of the journey called life…..πŸ˜ŠπŸ™A warm farewell to 2019, and a warm welcome to 2020, welcome to a future full of opportunities, good health, peace and happiness πŸ™πŸ™βš˜βš˜So take care my lovely friends until we meet next!!⚘


(P.C. neetika #ShadesOfNature)

“Like a poet hidden

In the light of thought,

Singing hymns unbidden

Till the world is wrought

To sympathy with hopes and fears it heeded not.

Teach me half the gladness

That thy brain must know,

Such harmonious madness

From my lips would flow,

The world should listen then, as I am listening now.”

Percy Bysshe Shelley

(Ode to a skylark)

Beautiful lines from P.B Shelley….every time you go through this piece of poetry, it is pure exuberanceπŸ˜‡…..It is a blissful touch to the inner core!

Take care my beautiful readers, until we meet next time!!!⚘