Diwali 2021

Once again that part of the year has arrived, when the days are pleasantly warm and the nights are slightly cold…days are filled with excitement as the festival season arrives…the mesmerising sweet smell of the marigold and roses engulfs as one enters the house..sparkling rows of decorated earthen lamps, the diya, candle lights,beautiful rangolis makes the environment magical.
Steaming hot kachories stuffed with aromatic spices and dry fruits and deep fried in ghee combined with sugary hot gulab jamuns…mouth melting sweet milk burfies and traditional laddos make one more nostalgic.

Yeah!! Diwali has arrived after a trail of festivals…

The wardrobe is hunted again and again finalizing the sarees in vibrant hues from red to deep pinks, simmering orange to golden yellows. From phulkaris to Leheriyas, banarsis to gota pattis. Crisp silk, chic organzas to subtle chiffons. Beautiful chokers made up of gold, dazzaling diamond and pearl chandbalis and mojaris. Delicate anklets are worn and the air is crisp with festive vibes…everywhere there is hustle and bustle,laughter and joy, the nostalgic sound of the ankelets and the rustling of the silk cheers up every soul.

🎆The festival of light Diwali has arrived✨…a festival to meet your loved ones..no matter the distance between … physically or virtually we will connect….a night full of prayers and celebration, a time to rejoice life, to celebrate life, to pray for the wellbeing of your loved ones..near or far.

Diwali is the tale of faith and firm resolve.
Come, let’s celebrate together holding the earthern diyas and smiling with uplifted spirits.

Happy Diwali 🎆

Stay connected my dear readers and lovely friends. Wishing you the best always!!

Take care and stay safe.⚘😊

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