Perspective #2

The ending words of the “Ode to the West Wind” by P.B.Shelley reminds us the fact that hope never dies. As in the cycle of seasons there are harsh and lifeless days of winter…..followed by the blossoming days of spring full of life. Similarly in the cycle of destiny sufferings are followed by happiness, the bitter and the frigid days of adversity are restored with sweet and smiling days of cheerfulness.

However dark the night, the first beam of sunlight will destroy all darkness…..The darker the night, the brighter the day. One should patiently let the time pass and wait for better times to return.

Face the situations courageously and bear them with strength of mind and heart.

13 thoughts on “Perspective #2

    1. Hey….Thank you so much!! Your posts are lovely and I really like reading them.
      Just a busy week!!…Figuring out things at work and at home!πŸ˜•
      Would be back soon and catch up with you all!!πŸ€—
      Keep Writing and delighting us with your amazing blogs MT !!😊


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