picture credits : D.Rai #shadesofnature

“Life never dies, it finds it’s own way” ~ Dr. Neetika

As I was walking in my garden I came across this beautiful flower in these lovely hues of pink and white. My daughter clicked this piece of nature’s art.

I don’t even remember when did I plant it because this year has been a constant struggle for all of us. Suddenly it came to my thoughts that this is the very place where this particular variety of plant withered away. The plant was thrown by the gardener but it’s seeds stayed buried deep under the soil and when the favourable time came, they came to life. It was an astonishing surprise for me. It reiterated the fact that life never dies, it finds it’s own way. It can halt, it can wither but you can not stop it.

Take care my friends. Stay healthy and safe!โš˜๐Ÿ˜Š


7 thoughts on “GLIMPSE#17

  1. So true… Life never dies, it finds it’s own way.. Great inspirational quote you have penned… It’s practical indeed as there can be many obstacles in life and one has to find it’s way…


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