(P.C: neetika #ShadesOfNature )


A truth so rare,

a vision so bare,

but that’s her flair,

dancing in the scare,

still breathing wild air.

On the edges of life,

knowing her fate she smiles,

And still the tiny dainty dew drop shines.


This flower in my garden inspired me to write a poem,just tried a bit, happy to see my creation. Truly the little dew drop inspires us. She dances on the edges of life, knowing that she’ll perish soon, a truth so frightening but still she hopes, enjoys every bit of her existense, inspiring us humans to hope, to enjoy, to fight and to exist. Inspiring us to be warriors whatever the situation is.

I hope you enjoy this piece of writing in these distressful times. Praying and hoping for a better future for the mankind.

Stay safe and take care my friends. Lot’s of positivity to all of you.โš˜

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