Festivals – The Elixir of Life

(My lovely bonsai plants in festive mood)

Festival is a time when one refreshes oneself from the monotonous routine of daily life. The past few days were a whirlpool of busyness, the festive season had dawned , it was Diwali- The festival of lights, the most auspicious and awaited festival of the Indian subcontinent…the ho-hum life suddenly turned into never-ending spare of celebration…buying gifts,family get togethers,decorating the house, diwali bashes and so much more, right from early in the morning till late at night everybody was hooked,over excited.

(The decor at my place)

Festivals reconnect friends and family. In this fast moving world where people start the day early in the morning and end late at night…they don’t have time for themselves, what to talk about family and friends! These vacation times are a gust of fresh air to the relationships….these are times to rejuvenate, time to interact with different generations, where grandparents share their memories with their grandchildren….time to get connected to the roots! These occasions are the bridges by which the culture travels to the contemporary times with the same zeal and enthusiasm, but in new flavours. I still remember when we were children, It was unimaginable to celebrate Diwali without fireworks, but today children are equally happy celebrating eco-friendly Diwali….these are the new flavours..no noise only happy celebrations….

Now it’s time to detox your self, come out of the relaxing mode and throw yourself into the maddening, chaotic routine, but these days will always be our cherished memories.πŸ˜‡

My dear friends,Take care until we meet next and stay blessed!⚘😊

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