Yeah! 😊..sounds funny,….you are a helpless prey in the mighty clutches of your predator “time”. Sometimes I feel it’s times you are helpless.
When you can’t change your circumstances it’s better to reconcile with them..don’t get disturbed by whatever is going around you. Flow with life,let it flow the way it has been planned for you…. on serious notes, however hard you swim against the wave you’ll be thrown back to the same place,you’ll simply harm yourself. So set your sails in the direction of the winds… have patience, let the negative time pass,let the bad patch pass…there is no use fighting with your circumstances and cursing them and yourself…instead find ways to cool yourself, so that you can fight with them with a positive attitude.πŸ™‚
See things from a different perspective πŸ™‚find people and situations that give you solace…Acccept the fact,if suffering is inevitable you’ll have to go through it…but to feel its intensity is in your hand…once you tell your brain that “I’ll handle it”…I think things will become easy… gently pamper your gloomy heart.Come out of the present and hope for the good times to come.
As the day ends…”today will become yesterday”….and with the dawn,”tomorrow will become today.” bringing new turns and twists in life.
Always stay positive my friends,you can’t do anything of the past ….you don’t know what is in store for you. But one thing is sure,your creator knows your limit,how much you can suffer..he’ll never let you fall from the cliff.He can test you…he can twist you…but never hurt you..😊
I may be wrong in my perspective, but what ever I have experienced ,it is based on it.
Stay positive and take care my friends,until we meet next time! 😊⚘

10 thoughts on “PERSPECTIVE #7

  1. Mostly nothing under control…. MOst of the time till work is completed. I experience this often at work while handling international deals. Infact I faced such issue even today due to a language confusions… But being positive and having a big smile can always over come any hurdles… Excellent post and absolutely a reality in depth….

    Cheers πŸ€ ✨ 🌷 ✨ 🌷

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      1. You don’t need to thanks me…. You are my friend and I always love to read most of the posts from the friends who interact with my small web page. Learning is never ending process. Of course Attitude always matters. Totally agree. πŸŒ·βœ¨πŸ€πŸŒΉ

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