The Secret ingredient of Happiness!

What is happiness?….Is it something that comes from outside or from within. Well…’s a tricky question. Anything that gives us pleasure gives us happiness either it is a flower or meeting someone we love.

But sometimes this warmth is a bit dim or an artificial smile is accompanied with it. It is because we don’t feel that happiness from within…..our heart and mind are filled with certain thoughts that prevent us from imbibing happiness.

Years back when I was growing as a teen. I had come across a line in Reader’s Digest, “Happiness comes from within, it is not served in a plate, it is you who has to feel it.” One should find solace and happiness in small things. Happiness is scattered all around you, you have to discover it yourself. We don’t need expensive pleasure filled holidays, a quiet, long drive with your loved ones can energise you for months. Beautiful and expensive gifts won’t give you pleasure that you are searching for, rather few heartfelt words are enough for this virtue called happiness. Money can’t buy happiness. Sometimes smaller things can do wonders than the bigger ones. Some will say that your cheerful attitude is over reactive but feeling happy on small things is your choice…your outlook…afterall happiness is very contagious…believe me my friends…Today they criticize you for being too merry but tomorrow they’ll follow you.

Give this catchphrase a try, “Happiness is not served in a plate, you have to discover it yourself.”

So,beautiful people!!!

Enjoy every moment of life and respect it!!

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